for 25 years in the advertising world

About Plexi

Company "Plexi" as a proven business partner, profiled for the industrial design and production of advertising signs, based on years of experience, produces products of the highest quality with very competitive prices...

We begin our work in 1994. in the sign making industry. We use modern technology and equipment, as well as many years of experience of our employees in the advertising industry.

The area we cover with our services is the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, including the islands, and we have also worked in the territory of BiH.

contact us

If you have questions about our products or services, need a quote or information, or want to express your opinion about one of our products and services, please feel free to contact us (contact form).

the services we offer

We offer editing and placement services for all advertisements, regardless of their size or type of advertisement. We also offer advertising repair and servicing.

We offer design services for advertising signs and signs, as well as advertising elements. With a high quality aesthetic appearance, there is a high degree of visibility of our commercials.

In the creation of advertisements we follow new world trends, not wanting to lag behind modern technologies. This gives our customers an even better service.

We own a CNC machine for machining Plexiglas, PVC panels, aluminum profiles.