With this Statement we commit to protect the privacy of users, buyers, and visitors of our website, as well as the security of personal information which is provided to us through the website.

This notification describes the type of information we may gather from you when you visit our website, and it explains how we use that data as well as the steps we undertake in order to protect it. Also, the notification describes the choices available to you, regarding the gathering and use of your data, when you visit our website.

Which information we gather about you and how we use it?

Generally, you can visit our website without revealing personal data about yourself. We do not gather personal data about you (such as your name or contact details) when you visit this website, unless you willingly send the data through one of the available forms set up for a certain purpose (contact form, registration form, shopping form, newsletter signup form) and by doing that give your consent so we can gather and use your personal data for the stated purpose. All personal data is used only for the purpose for which it was gathered and for which consent was given. Persons who are 16 years old or older can give consent for the processing of personal data, while parents or guardians can give consent for persons under the age of 16. We will not make the gathered data available to unauthorized third parties in any way, unless for purposes defined by the law.  All data is deleted after the purpose for which it was gathered ceases, namely when the contractual relationship is terminated, and at the latest the data is deleted after the expiry of all legal obligations in relation to the storage of personal data.

Type of personal data which is processed

Personal data which is gathered through the contact form: name and surname, e-mail, and additionally a telephone number, if it’s listed.
Personal data which is gathered through the registration form and shopping form: name and surname, e-mail, address, city and postal code, telephone number.

Information which is gathered automatically on our website

We automatically gather information in the server log files, such as your IP address, type of browser, pages for redirection / exit and operating system. We use this information to manage our website and our technical solutions, to understand how visitors browse our website and services, and to improve your experience of using our website and services.

Access and updating your personal data

Our user has the following rights at all times:

  • the right to access the data
  • the right to be informed about the processing of personal data
  • the right to data portability
  • the right to revoke consent
  • the right to lodge an objection
  • the right to correct and modify personal data, if the data is incomplete or incorrect
  • the right to delete, when the processing purpose ceases, when consent is revoked or when an objection is lodged

If you want to exercise one of the above mentioned rights, contact us through the contact form on our website.  Also, you can contact us by phone, which is listed on the website, or by sending mail to our address, which is listed on the website.

Security of your personal data

We are committed to undertaking appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of your personal data from unauthorized or illegal handling, as well as from accidental loss, destruction or damage.  When you provide your personal data through our website, that information is securely sent over the Internet by using high-quality encoding and stored on our secure servers, which are located in the EU.

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